Welsh <<< WELSH MENU >>> 2017
Week of 08/26/2017
Sat 08/26/2017 Sun 08/27/2017 Mon 08/28/2017 Tue 08/29/2017
Hamburgers     Scallops w/Artichokes       Citrus chicken dinner       Leftovers    
Onion Rings     Beet Salad, Jelled   Rice              
                Beet Salad, Jelled          
Ham and swiss                   Ruby Tuesday   OUT
T: Mrkt-W   T: Mrkt-E     T:       T:   HSII, Daytons
L:       L: Church   L:       L:   HSII, Daytons
                Marg Hair            
Wed 08/30/2017 Thu 08/31/2017 Fri 09/01/2017 Projects
Lamb Stew     Leftovers     Grilled Spareribs w/CC Glaze       823 Lima Beans  
polenta     Quiches, Nancy Petit   Shoe String Potatoes   823 Sunday Cube Steak
Beet Salad, Jelled           Sister Cities Slaw   823 Lemon Chiffon Pie
                        823 Crab Salad  
        Sakura   OUT Turkey            
                Sausage Patties          
                Bagels, fruit            
        SKDL Bill-AA4913  1707 SKDL Bill            
T: Mrkt-E     T: Mrkt-W   T:              
L:       L:       L: