Home Easter in Wyomissing 2019
We're driving up to Wyomissing for the Easter Weekend with SKDL and the rest of the Ferrarello Family, and to purchase 1860 Reading Blvd..
Wednesday, April 17
At 0530, itís 66o and weíre all up. We packed for the weekend and were out of the house at 0815, headed for Weeping Willow Kennels and Buddyís last visit. We stopped at Chick-fil-A for a couple of breakfast biscuits and turned north. We emptied the mailbox at the new house and arrived at SKDL just in time for the three guys to head out the door for haircuts. We had a dinner of pulled chicken sandwiches, in shifts, as both boys had baseball practice. At 2004, itís 56o and weíre both in bed.
Thursday, April 18
At 0633, itís 53o in Wyomissing and Kateís already gone to work. We left the house at 0930 and purchased 1860 Reading Blvd. For the next two weeks, we own two houses. We unloaded the artwork and then did a little recon before ending up at Mission BBQ for lunch. We went back to SKDLís for naps. Kate was home early. We went to Masa for dinner. At 2025, itís 70o.
Friday, April 19
At 0540, itís 66o in Wyomissing. Sal went to the gym, while Kate went downstairs to bike. We went to the flooring place when it opened at 0900 and took several samples back to the house. Gus, and Frank arrived at 1000 and reviewed the work we want done. He feels like the floors can be done before we move in, but other work may take more time. We came home to leftovers for lunch and naps. Kate served turkey taco bowls for dinner and Dominic went to a birthday party and didnít get home until almost 10. At 2145, itís 69o.
Saturday, April 20
At 0630, itís 65 in Wyomissing. We completed our FastPasses and Standby attractions for the June Disney trip and went over to the house so Sal and Dominic could see it. Once there, we met two sets of new neighbors. Lew and I went to Giant for bananas and gassed up the car. Nancy went into the Salisbury house to do some measuring and Kate served pepperoni pasta and a salad for dinner. At 2150, itís 64.
Sunday, April 21
At 0630, itís 55 on Easter Sunday in Wyomissing. We had a lovely brunch of scrambled eggs, sausage and English muffins. At 1400, family began to arrive for Easter Sunday dinner, featuring a honey baked ham, leg of lamb and many side dishes supplied by the family. We contributed Sister Cities Slaw; ingredients purchased by Kate. By 1900, everyone was gone and the boys headed to bed as they have school tomorrow. At 2120, itís 61.
Monday, April 22
At 0610, itís 54 in in Wyomissing. By 0640, we were on the road back to Salisbury. Traffic was not bad except for a short stretch on I-476 and I-95. We picked up Buddy and were home by 1100. We had leftovers from the freezer, and at 2100, itís 66 and the upstairs windows are open.