Adventures, Projects and Dreams
Our dreams center around the developmental years of Dominic and Leo, and our desires to provide enjoyable experiences for all during our retirement. Our membership in the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) at Bay Lake Towers (May, 2010) allows us to provide vacations at Disney World for us and for the family. Other events are designed to maximize the grandkids' and our own pleasures in Salisbury and throughout the country, as we plan annual American Cruise Line trips.
In 2010, we pledged to take the kids to WDW every year, but, in 2013, they decided that was too ambitious and announced a preference for biennial Disney trips, in odd numbered years. In May of 2019, we moved to Wyomissing, Pennsylvania to be closer to SKDL.
  • MAR: Spring Holiday for 2 at WDW
  • APR: CAC
  • MAY: Broadway Weekend in NYC
  • JUN: Odd Years Welsh/Ferrarello at WDW
  • JUN-AUG: American Cruise Lines
  • SEP: Broadway Weekend in NYC
  • NOV: Fall Holiday for 2 at WDW
FIVE YEAR PLAN: 2020-2024

2020-09: Broadway Weekend in NYC.

2021-06: The 6th Family Vacation at WDW.
2021-09: Broadway Weekend in NYC.
2021-11: Fall Holiday for 2 at WDW.

2022-03: Spring Holiday for 2 at WDW.
2022-04: CAC #37
2022-08: American Cruise Lines #11 on the Columbia/Snake Rivers
2022-09: Broadway Weekend in NYC.
2022-11: Fall Holiday for 2 at WDW.

2023-03: Spring Holiday for 2 at WDW.
2023-04: CAC #38
2023-06: The 7th Family Vacation at WDW, after school.
2023-09: Broadway Weekend in NYC.
2023-11: Fall Holiday for 2 at WDW.

2024-03: Spring Holiday for 2 at WDW.
2024-04: CAC #39
2024-09: Broadway Weekend in NYC.
2024-11: Fall Holiday for 2 at WDW.